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Take a pleasant trip across rolling hills to the Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon in Inverness, Québec. Located in a historic schoolhouse, the art gallery shows hundreds of art pieces over two storeys.

You will discover many contemporary artists such as [4 ou 5 noms d’artistes] and many others!

If production allows, you might even have the opportunity to visit the wax workshop next door. You will be privy to the first steps towards a bronze or aluminium casting.


Visit individual or small group

Individuals and small groups are welcome to the gallery during our business hours (see at right). Unless mentioned otherwise, you will not need to make an appointment during the summer season – June 24 to Labour Day. However, it is recommended that you phone a few days ahead at 418-453-2251 to avoid large groups or to check business hours off-season.


Group visit

The gallery has room for groups of 20 to 25 people. Groups arriving by bus may be divided in smaller groups. While some visit the gallery, others may want to visit other attractions in the village: a cafe, charming architecture, an event, and, in season, the Bronze Museum (charges may apply).

Important! Please make a reservation for your group by phone at 418-453-2251
or by email at fonderie@atelierdubronze.com


Find us!


Galerie Denis Gagnon

1857 Dublin
Inverness (Quebec)
Canada G0S 1K0

Phone: 418 453-2251
Fax: 418 453-2441

Atelier du Bronze

1905 Dublin
Inverness (Quebec)
G0S 1K0 Canada

Telephone: 418 453-2251
Fax: 418 453-2441