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More than 25 years of artistic collaboration

Through the years, the Atelier du bronze foundry created hundreds – thousands – of art pieces for coveted regional and international artists such as Rose-Aimée Bélanger, Patrick Coutu, Marc Dulude, Marc André Fortier, Jules lasalle to name just a few.

Here is a selection of monumental artworks. Every art piece below was proudly cast by our artisans, in our Inverness foundry.

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WORK: Curiosités, Sculptures Garden, Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg
ARTIST: Montillaud Francis

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Curiosities is a thought-provoking allegorical scene of human nature. Between vice and virtue, curiosity leads to a situation which combines awe, harmony, pride and pain. To embody each of these emotions, poses and gestures of children were captured by molding nature. Traces the process of creating and fidelity fingerprint establish a correspondence between reality and fiction, between presence and absence, and thus supply the mnemonic narrative of the work.
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