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More than 25 years of artistic collaboration

Through the years, the Atelier du bronze foundry created hundreds – thousands – of art pieces for coveted regional and international artists such as Rose-Aimée Bélanger, Patrick Coutu, Marc Dulude, Marc André Fortier, Jules lasalle to name just a few.

Here is a selection of monumental artworks. Every art piece below was proudly cast by our artisans, in our Inverness foundry.

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WORK: Le Mélomane, Parc François-Perrault, Montreal. Qc
ARTIST: Cooke Sasseville
WEB SITE : http://cooke-sasseville.com/

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The art of Cooke-Sasseville has a humour quality sometimes absurd, scathing and really cynical. With thematics similar to our daily preoccupations – quest for happiness, love, sexuality –, their works translate the ordinary and the banal, but often take the shape of clearly surreal techniques and installations. Thus, installations of disproportionate elements or menageries of orange chickens, pink cat and elephant are part of the funny, bizarre world of the artists. With this touch of provocation that set them apart so well, Cooke-Sasseville have, among other things, dealt with the subject of death in a bowling alley (Aller simple, 2006), designed self-erotic structures (Le confessionnal, 2002, L'envie, 2003) or made a series of sweating or squirting fluids genitals (Le mur des lamentations, 2003, Silence on coule, 2005). Through their works, the duo points the finger at various behaviours commonly acquired, if not part of every day life, in western society. For example, the installation Silence on coule showed penises and vulvas made of ceramic and ejaculating oil on an altar surrounded with slogans associating human characteristics (strength, sexuality, arrogance, etc.) to the ones of a car. On the other hand, Le Nouveau Monde – a pen with farm animals entirely covered with popcorn – reminded us of the agri-food industry excesses such as the very controversial production of ethanol. If we can roar with laughter by flirting with the works of Cooke-Sasseville, we quickly realize that there is a more disturbing meaning hiding behind the door of the confessional or in the wheelbarrow full of popcorn. Cooke-Sasseville like to play with limits, whatever they may be, and by doing so attempt to bring the public with them. Their installations, consciously paradoxical, are inevitably putting us in ambivalent situations where comfort mingles with worry, where social criticism takes the shape of entertainment, where playful attitudes and an obvious lack of concern reveal a questioning of an utmost lucidity.
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