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More than 25 years of artistic collaboration

Through the years, the Atelier du bronze foundry created hundreds – thousands – of art pieces for coveted regional and international artists such as Rose-Aimée Bélanger, Patrick Coutu, Marc Dulude, Marc André Fortier, Jules lasalle to name just a few.

Here is a selection of monumental artworks. Every art piece below was proudly cast by our artisans, in our Inverness foundry.

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WORK: Traversée sans retour, Québec, Qc
ARTIST: Archambault Pascale
WEB SITE : http://www.pascalearchambault.com

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Since 1976, Pascale Archambault experienced wood carving, ceramics and stone carving, and finally focus almost exclusively on the latter. Her art is figurative and the human person, represented in its entirety or in fragments, plays a decisive role. Peppered with references to the history of sculpture, his works reflect social considerations, among other acts of violence, contemporary conflicts and, in contrast, the pleasures of life. His plays constantly oscillate between two contradictory poles: one, to euphoric connotations, focuses on beauty, well-being and desire, the other closer to the dysphoria, shows the ugliness, anguish and suffering . Its production also alternates between monolithic sculptures and assemblages, often involving a fragmentation of the body. It includes rondesbosses, facilities and reliefs whose syntax is based primarily on the movement and the obliquity of the volumes, which often oppose horizontal and vertical volumes to form pyramids. Archambault also attaches importance to the texture, chiseling, polishing surfaces or leaving raw, depending on the desired effect in relation to the content.
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