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More than 25 years of artistic collaboration

Through the years, the Atelier du bronze foundry created hundreds – thousands – of art pieces for coveted regional and international artists such as Rose-Aimée Bélanger, Patrick Coutu, Marc Dulude, Marc André Fortier, Jules lasalle to name just a few.

Here is a selection of monumental artworks. Every art piece below was proudly cast by our artisans, in our Inverness foundry.

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WORK: For intérieur
ARTIST: Beaulieu Patrick
WEB SITE : http://artmur.com/artistes/patrick-beaulieu/

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Patrick Beaulieu is a multidisciplinary artist. His work consists of a series of journeys which throw into relief, in installations, videos, photographs or in situ/in socius interventions, the essence of an experience. Through the presentation of fragments of nature, his work explores the different states of matter. Through a focus on detail, a totality is defined: the notion of travel and the transcendence of borders is contained in a feather from a migratory bird; the fate of a monarch butterfly is revealed in a wing; a tree emerges from the rustling of its leaves in the wind. During the last few years, Patrick Beaulieu has been working on a trilogy of cross-border odysseys, tapping into some of the world?s hidden currents. Vecteur monarque (2007) tracked the migratory clouds of monarch butterflies from Quebec to the heart of Mexico: www.vectormonarca.com. Ventury, which got under way in 2010, was a twenty-five day journey following the winds of America: www.venturyodyssey.com. With the 2012 Vegas project, the artist undertook an intuitive poetic voyage in search of good fortune. His work has been presented in numerous countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Korea, the United States, France, Ireland, Mexico and Singapore. His work is featured in private and public collections in Canada, the U.S., France and Mexico and in various public spaces as part of the integration of art in architecture.
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