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Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon Art Gallery

The Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon mainly presents sculptures by contemporary artists from the province of Québec. Through the years, Mr Gagnon, master-caster and owner of the Atelier du bronze, gathered hundreds of art pieces made at his nearby foundry. By opening his gallery, Mr Gagnon, wishes to share with the public his vast knowledge of art casting and his impressive art collection.




Acquire your own contemporary artwork

All art pieces presented at the Gallery may be purchased. Both amateur art lovers and more knowledgeable collectors can select their favourite pieces in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Mr Gagnon and his team will be happy to answer any questions. 

Visit the gallery

Why not stop by for a visit? On your way to Inverness, you’ll enjoy some of the region’s most beautiful scenery!


Mr Denis Gagnon, master art caster and owner of the art gallery.

Témoignage des archives de la Galerie ou la demande doit être faite à quelques collectionneurs ayant fait affaire avec la Galerie.

Visit us!

The Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon Art Gallery welcomes individuals and groups up to 25 people.