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What are the steps towards casting at the Atelier du bronze foundry?

1# Silicone moulding 2# Making of the wax copy  3# Wax correction
4# Ceramic mould 5# Metal casting 6# Knocking ceramic
7# Finishing

8# Patina



Will my original artwork be damaged by the mould-making process?

By taking into consideration the materials used to make the original artwork, our craftspeople apply much effort to preserve it. If an original is particularly fragile, we will advise. However, the Atelier du bronze foundry cannot guarantee that all artworks will emerge intact from the mould-making process. 


How long will my project take?

In order to evaluate the timeline of any project, we need to consider the scope and complexity of the work at hand. Delivery times can vary widely. Generally, allow 4 to 6 weeks for a small to medium-size art piece and 3 to 12 months for a monumental art piece. Approval times must also be taken into account.


How can I get a quote?

You can ask for a quote simply by clicking on the link below, filling the form and submitting it to us. In a few days, usually less than 3 business days, one of our service managers will get in touch with you to confirm your order and ask for any required information. Then, an official quote valid for 30 days will be emailed or sent to you as per your choice.

You may also call us at 418-453-2251 or reach us by fax at 418-453-2441.

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Is the price of casting linked to the weight of the art piece

Many factors are taken into account in order to evaluate the costs involved: materials used, number of people needed and complexity of the artwork itself. Every project is evaluated individually.

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Can there be savings for multiple castings?

Some economy of scale is possible when the Atelier casts many copies of one artwork. Every project is evaluated individually.

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Do you cast industrial parts or utilitarian objects? 


No. The Atelier du bronze foundry is totally dedicated to art casting: sculptures, plaques and monuments. However, the Atelier does make trophies related to the artistic world such as the “Jutras”, Québec’s equivalent to the Oscars.

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May I obtain a sample of the Atelier’s work?

The Atelier du bronze does not send out samples. You may see our work at the Atelier itself or at the Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon Art Gallery a few doors down.

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May I approve the wax model of my art piece before it is cast?

Yes. Our team is dedicated to the total satisfaction of our clients, from beginning to end of the casting process. To approve a model, you will need to travel to our foundry in Inverness, Québec.


What colours and patinas are available?

Our foundry’s laboratory continuously creates new colours, patinas and textures. You may see many examples and choose the perfect combination for your art piece at our Atelier. To do so, please make an appointment.







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