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WORK : Femme aux camélias - available now
ARTIST : Côté Joann
WEB SITE : http://www.joanncote.com

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Joann Côté, was born in Montreal. Her studies in art of women’s clothing led her to understand that this is not so much the creation of the garment that makes it vibrate, but the spirit and movement of the person wearing it. For almost 10 years now, she is devoted exclusively to art: painting, sculpture and performance art. In his studio, housed in a former garage from which there is often an intense and loud music» Joann works in her parallel world inhabite by female creatures...

Recipient of numerous awards, his art pieces are found in many private and corporate collections in Canada ,United States and Central America.

«I am a protagonist of the modern woman and all her fights». Enter in studio, do abstraction of the tangible world, disconnect myself. Transfer my state of mind in one line, then in one splatter, trying to catch the sensibility of humanity. These soft and sinuous curves reflect the chaotic world in which love an hatred woo.
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