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WORK : Sculptures
ARTIST : Martin Paryse

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The Paryse Martin's career now spans over 25 years and is dotted with more than 15 solo exhibitions and forty group exhibitions. To emphasize the importance of its practice, the Fish Eye gave him carte blanche to create an exhibition especially designed for the large central gallery.

Developing its approach exhibition about tales and stories that can make us go from laughter to tears, fear the comic, Martin Paryse its wonderful people and fantastic universe of his imaginary characters. Here, many sculptural pieces rise majestically in an open system whose interpretation is intended meanings. His "tear stories" are strange beasts and dialogue intermingle "good" and "bad guys" of our childhood stories. The strange beauty that results can awaken our imagination. The relationship between the protagonists is blurred and the story takes shape you can sense very freely at the discretion of the imagination of every visitor.
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