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WORK : L'arbre de vie - available now
ARTIST : Bonet Jordi
WEB SITE : http://www.jordibonet.net

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Jordi Bonet was born in Barcelona May 7, 1932 in a family of Catalan cultural tradition notable. Jordi was the walks with her father in search of Roman remains enabled him to explain that he left a light flavor.
It is dedicated to the observation of the great masters Velazquez, Goya and Picasso.
He stopped his studies and research to improve his technique and style of painting.
In 1949, he deepened his knowledge of Catalan Culture through an indisputable master, his uncle architect Lluis Bonet Gari who accueillle his home in Mallorca. Impressed by his teachings, Jordi studying the work of Gaudi and the Romanesque and Gothic.
Five years in Barcelona, ​​he plunges into a world of high cultural, Antonio Prats, Antonio and Josep Vila Arufat Gudiol.
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