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WORK : Good Luck - available now
ARTIST : Arseno Josée
WEB SITE : http://www.atelierdubronze.com

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I am pleased to share with you here the art world inside me. As a multidisciplinary artist, I prefer as a technical sculpture and painting. Even in my earliest memories, art has always been part of my life, everything catches my eye, forms, colors, textures, and this brings me to express my emotions later.
The horse is part of my life for over twenty years, which is why it is one of my favorite topics. As artistic foundry technician since 1997, my favorite medium is bronze for my sculptures. It is a noble metal alloy and durable which gives me endless possibilities. I work my own bronzes workshop, I do almost all stages of production, I love working with metal. This brings me to the limit every time I start a new piece.
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