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Art Foundry - bronze and aluminium

The Atelier du bronze Art Foundry is well regarded for its know-how in bronze and aluminium casting. Great technical expertise and high quality of art pieces produced within its walls place it amongst the most advanced foundries in Canada. Since its opening in 1989, the Inverness Quebec family-owned business creates a wide variety of sculptures, plaques and monuments displayed in private collections and for public view alike.

Uniquely devoted to the art sector

Many national and world-renowned sculptors rely on the extensive experience and professionalism of the Atelier’s artisans.

Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon Art Gallery

Discover one of Canada’s most important collection of bronzes!

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Art gallery
Denis Gagnon

Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon Art Gallery

The Galerie d’art Denis Gagnon mainly presents sculptures by contemporary artists from the province of Québec. Through the years, Mr Gagnon, master-caster and owner of the Atelier du bronze, gathered hundreds of art pieces made at his nearby foundry. By opening his gallery, Mr Gagnon, wishes to share with the public his vast knowledge of art casting and his impressive art collection.




Acquire your own contemporary artwork

All art pieces presented at the Gallery may be purchased. Both amateur art lovers and more knowledgeable col...

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